Jarib figueredo, Founder

Jarib Figueredo is an entrepreneur at heart. Jarib is the Founder and CEO of HorusPay, an EOS based application aiming to bring massive Blockchain adoption to the global payroll industry and finance. Jarib’s vision with the EOS DevCon is to unite all EOS developers and facilitate the physical platform for dapps to get the exposure needed for success. 

Yohann calpu, FOUNDER

Yohann has been deeply integrated in the EOS ecosystem since the early days. Co-Founding EOS Go and EOSrad.io. He is currently the interim COO of AirdropsDAC, and Head of Community at HireVibes which are dapp projects in the EOSIO ecosystem.

In his professional career he has 15 years of global experience in the IT industry as a Technical Project Manager, Devops Lead, and an IT Risk Professional. 

He was previously in a VP role at JP Moprgan Chase & Co, and had leadership positions at IBM, Maersk and Ministry of Transportation, Ontario.

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